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Evans Leak Detection has been owner operated for over 29 years. We use our non invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate and fix your slab leak. Our technique saves you money and unnecessary damage to your home. All the materials we use are of the highest quality and are made in the U.S.A. All slab leaks are detected and fixed for one flat rate. Call today to hear our pricing!

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • A hot or warm spot on your floor
  • Water seeping up through your floor
  • Rising water or gas bills
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

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Slab Leak Detection & Repair - What It Is And Why You Need It

Slab leak detection services gives homeowners a non-invasive way to identify and resolve leaks that lie below the foundation. When plumbing systems malfunction, the resulting problems are not always confined to in-house appliances and taps. As pipes beneath the home begin to wear down and show signs of stress, these can result in a considerable amount of water loss. Leaks in these areas will slowly degrade surrounding building materials and structures, causing the home to lose value.

Opting to secure slab leak detection and repair services could be essential for preserving your investment. The implementation of an effective and timely solution to hidden plumbing problems will prevent damages to the flooring, substructure, walls and other aspects of your home. Leaving these problems untended, however, could result in extensive and costly damages.

Signs That You Have A Slab Leak

Some leaks are easy to identify, given that they result in standing pools of water or dramatic changes in the building structure. Leaks can cause mold, mildew and other growths to occur and they can have a major impact on the appearance of your flooring. Other leaks, however, can wreak havoc in hidden areas for months or even years before they are discovered and addressed. This is why it is important to contact a leak detection service as soon as problems are suspected.

The Sounds Of Running Water

Several common developments are strong indicators that you have a slab leak. Foremost among these is the sound of running water, even when all household appliances and faucets are turned off. If this is a consistent issue in your home, having a professional run a meter test could prevent a leak from causing extensive damages. The cost of a meter test is very nominal when compared to the problems that it can resolve.

Hot Spots On Floors

Another sign of a potential slab leak is a hot spot on the basement or lower floor surface. This is indicative of a water line leak. Hot spots are commonly surrounded by cracks in the flooring or in the nearby walls.

Mold, Mildew And Unpleasant Odors

Ongoing problems with mildew are also signs of a leak. Mildew is often caused by hidden or slow leaks behind the drywall but could be a sign of problems with your slab as well. If your flooring is prone to buckling or if you have carpeting that maintains a dank and musty odor, your slab may be cracked.

Dramatic Changes In Your Water Bill

Not all indicators of slab leaks will be evident in your floors or in the surrounding building materials. Sometimes, these problems are much more evasive and only make themselves known in your regular household bills. If your water bill is far higher than you think it should be, having a whole house plumbing inspection performed is important. Even if slab problems do not exist, there may be other issues that your plumber can correct that will eliminate water waste and lower your monthly spending. Pressure reducer valves are a common solution employed by plumbing professionals. In many instances, however, foundation problems and slow or hidden leaks are the cause of excessive water loss.

Why Professional Leak Detection Services Are Essential

Efforts to locate or identify a slab leak should never greatly disrupt your home layout or the actual slab itself. It is not acceptable for providers to break into pool decks or slabs without a leak first being confirmed. True leak detection is actually a far more cautious and technical process that requires ruling out all other options before using any invasive strategies to resolve an issue. Professional slab repair companies rely on non-invasive equipment for detecting leaks and do all that they can to leave the slab undisturbed unless necessary. Numerous innovations in leak detection equipment eliminate the need to make major alterations to the slab as part of the leak detection process.

Choosing A Repair Method

Once a slab leak has been detected, experienced professionals will be able to present you with an array of repair options. They can also tell you more about the pros and cons for each. In most instances, the repair method will likely be determined by the location and nature of the leak; however, homeowners are always encouraged to make informed decisions about these processes and how they are handled.

Spot Repair Services

Spot repairs tend to be the most cost-effective and least invasive option for addressing small-sized leaks in a concentrated area. This is when the slab is opened directly at the leak location in order to replace or repair any leaking pipes that exist here. For newly built homes, this is usually the preferred method of slab repair, as it will have the least impact on the integrity and aesthetics of the existing slab.

Replacing or Rerouting Pipes

Older homes with ongoing plumbing problems will often require a more aggressive approach. In these instances, aging pipes could be leaking in various areas beneath the slab, making a spot repair less efficient. Slab repair professionals will often reroute the pipes in the affected areas or replace them entirely. Depending upon the age of the home and the condition of the pipes, these jobs will often be essential for avoiding future issues.

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